Everyday Freedom course leads you on the journey of:

  • Acknowledging you were created to live in freedom under God’s covering of love.
  • Investigating what has been holding you back from experiencing this freedom.
  • Investing in freedom builders.
  • Discovering and implementing the freedom framework.
  • Enjoying the impact living in freedom will have on your body, mind, and soul
  • Inspiring those around you to enjoy freedom amid the chaos of life.

Create a Schedule that Makes You Smile

Feeling disorganized? Overwhelmed? Tired of wondering if you’re missing an appointment? 

Sick of feeling rushed, worried, and exhausted by your life but not sure what to drop or how to do things differently?

If this is you then, HUGS!!! You are in the right place.

This course was designed from my own story of being a mom of 4, ministry leader, and entrepreneur. In fact, these principles continue to help me navigate new seasons of life bringing me back to calm, hope, and freedom. I know it can bring a smile back to your face like it has for many others.

Surviving to Thriving with Chronic Illness

The purpose of this course is to provide hope and four choices, which can help you move from surviving to thriving with your chronic illness.

This is what we will be covering:

  • Grieve. It’s hard…
  • Accept. It’s hard but…
  • Discover. It’s hard but this is how it is so…
  • Thrive. It’s hard but this is how it is so I will….

Ride the Grief Waves

In this course, you will be introduced to three principles that are beneficial for navigating grief waves. They are:

  • Let It Out
  • Let Others In
  • Let Yourself Be Led

My desire is to have you leave this course:

  • Believing you are normal.
  • Feeling less alone.
  • More encouraged than when you came in.
  • A growing sense of hope that know you will make it.

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