Are you sick of feeling overwhelmed? Have you heard the phrase, “abundant life”, but it seems like a pipe dream? Do you ever wonder, “if this how life is supposed to be”? Does your soul ache to experience the freedom the Bible says you have?

If this is you then, HUGS, this is the course for you!!! I created the Everyday Freedom course as a powerful tool to work alongside my book Freaking Out to Flying Free: Experience Freedom Amid the Chaos of Life. I’ve grappled with the concept of freedom for decades especially as I struggled with chronic illness as a mother of four but through my struggle, God taught me the freedom framework. Little by little freedom grew in every area of my life. I want your freedom flow to grow too like it has for many others.

Create a Schedule that Makes You Smile

Feeling disorganized? Overwhelmed? Tired of wondering if you’re missing an appointment? 

Sick of feeling rushed, worried, and exhausted by your life but not sure what to drop or how to do things differently?

If this is you then, HUGS!!! You are in the right place.

This course was designed from my own story of being a mom of 4, ministry leader, and entrepreneur. In fact, these principles continue to help me navigate new seasons of life bringing me back to calm, hope, and freedom. I know it can bring a smile back to your face like it has for many others.

Surviving to Thriving with Chronic Illness

Do you wonder if you will make it through another day of constant anxiety?

Are you waiting to see if your symptoms will flare up? Do you feel like life has passed you by? Are you feeling trapped in your body and feel your hope slipping away? Do you feel like all your dreams have been put on hold? Are you struggling with thoughts that say you are more of a burden than a blessing?
If this is you then, HUGS!!! I’ve been there myself, struggling to make it through the day. Aching for hope and purpose to return as I wrestled with feeling trapped in my body. I wrote this course out of the pain of my 15 years of chronic illness. I even struggled with thoughts of how to end my life but by God’s grace, He led me back to my true identity and purpose in Him. He led me from surviving to thriving with my chronic illness. I know it sounds impossible but I am living proof. Please allow yourself this opportunity to move from surviving to thriving.

Ride the Grief Waves 

Do you fear feeling?

Have you been shoving your emotions down since your heart was broken? Do you feel confused and in a fog? Do you ache for someone to tell you how to survive this season of loss in your life?

If this is you then, HUGS, this is the course for you! I wrote this course through my own grief journey. I was scared to feel not sure if the pain would drown me. Slowly I learned these game-changing principles which continue to help me ride the grief waves. My heart’s cry is to help you navigate your grief journey with a sense of hope, help, and encouragement. These principles are timeless and will help you as you process any loss you have experienced, be it a: person, dream, move, the season of life, or job. Purchase this course today and receive the validation, practical tools, and encouragement that has been a blessing to many.