Create a Schedule that Makes You Smile

Feeling disorganized? Overwhelmed? Tired of wondering if you’re missing an appointment?

Sick of feeling rushed, worried, and exhausted by your life but not sure what to drop or how to do things differently?


If this is you then, HUGS!!! You are in the right place.

This course was designed from my own story of being a mom of 4, ministry leader, and entrepreneur. In fact, these principles continue to help me navigate new seasons of life bringing me back to calm, hope, and freedom. I know it can bring a smile back to your face Like it has for many others.

The, Create a Schedule that Makes You Smile, was created to empower you to:

  • rediscover your priorities
  • begin eliminating distractions
  • discern where your priorities fit in your week
  • develop a streamlined schedule that leaves you smiling
  • enjoy your life with hope, peace and joy

When your purchase this course you will receive:

  • the tools you need to create a schedule to make you smile
  • life time access to 5 mini teaching videos ($250 RSV)
  • PDF guide a that will help you process the information and develop your action plan. ($25 RSV)
  • Invitation to the Frequent Freedom Flyers private Facebook group where hope, encouragement and powerful content help you grow in freedom. (Priceless)


  • 3 Myths Trapping You – short teaching video share three mindsets are holding you back and three truths that can launch you forward in freedom.
  • 3 Time Saving Tips – short teaching video giving you three tips for maximizing your time.

The value for all the above is over $275!

The price the Create a Schedule that Makes You Smile course is available for today is $59!

*upgrades to include personal coaching with Andrea Fehr are available when placing your order.

Do you know I also have a book?

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Course + 1hr Coaching
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Course + 1hr Coaching
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