Everyday Freedom Course

Do you ever feel trapped in life?

Are you sick of feeling overwhelmed? Do you ever wonder, “if this how life is supposed to be”? Does your soul ache to experience the freedom the Bible says you have?

If so, then the Everyday Freedom course is for you!

Everyday Freedom course leads you on the journey of:

  • Acknowledging you were created to live in freedom under God’s covering of love.
  • Investigating what has been holding you back from experiencing this freedom.
  • Investing in freedom builders.
  • Discovering and implementing the freedom framework.
  • Enjoying the impact living in freedom will have on your body, mind, and soul
    Inspiring those around you to enjoy freedom amid the chaos of life.

With the Everyday Freedom course, you will gain:

  • insights into your own patterns that are leading you away from freedom.
  • tools that equip you to reroute yourself from leaning towards a freak out to leaning into freedom.
  • powerful foundational, biblical truth that will grant you the security you need to claim the freedom that is your in Christ.

This will happen when you start this six lesson journey which includes:

  • Lifetime access to 6 teaching video links packed with biblical principles and proof that freedom is yours in Christ, created by author, speaker and coach Andrea Fehr (RSV $420)
  • in-depth PDF study guide to dig into between lessons giving you the opportunity to investigate the Bible yourself as well as into your own life for greater confidence and clarity (RSV $120)
  • Invitation to the Frequent Freedom Flyers private Facebook group. This group’s purpose is to provide a safe place for sharing prayer requests and support for our wins and mess-ups a place for likeminded believers to grow and be encouraged. (Beyond $ value)

Bonus: 3 Myths Trapping You, a short teaching video link that exposes three myths that affect our mindsets and the truths that free us and correct our mindsets so we can move forward in experiencing daily freedom.

The value for all the above is over $500!

The price the Everyday Freedom course is available for today is $239!

*upgrades to include personal coaching with Andrea Fehr are available when placing your order.
*You will want to purchase your copy of Freaking Out to Flying Free to go with the course. 

Just the Course
One time Payment

Just the Course
3 Monthly Payments

Course + 3hr Coaching
One Time Payment

Course + 3hr Coaching
4 Monthly Payments

“I wouldn’t admit I was freaking out before. I was trying to hold it all together. Andrea allowed me to find the freedom-killers in my life and be set free!”

Brenda Haire, author of ‘Save the Butter Tubs! Discover Your Worth in a Disposable World’

“Andrea’s heart and concern for the best lives for her clients is her strongest motivation…She is enthusiastic and fun and her vibrant way of leading is dynamic and original as the clients she works with… Highly recommend any course or work with Andrea!”

Kimberly Talmey, coach and founder of Kimberly Talmey Coaching

“God is using your study to get me to be obedient to just spend 5 minutes of quiet time sitting in God’s presence… I can really see the difference in the “peace” department and even my spouse can see that I am handling trigger situations more calmly and graciously.”

Course Customer

“…it was sometime around now that I started sessions with you last year, so great, and I have bought your book a few times now and given as a gift to a few friends now, share with them it was helpful to me and yes great for adults and great to share also with kids…”

Course Customer with Coaching Package