What was your most memorable lesson from Flying Free coaching?

To learn what freedom killers were and how I could control my response to them. This has been so helpful! Now I feel like I can choose freedom instead of getting bound up with emotion. I can extend more grace to myself and those around me because I know it’s not really the thing but my reaction to the thing that is stealing my joy.”

Coaching client Texas,USA

The memorable lesson learned was to identify our triggers and take the time to stop when it happens and connect to God so he can help us to deal with it.

Coaching Client

Sexsmith, AB

Would you recommend my coaching group to a friend? If so how would you describe it?

“Without a doubt. I just loved it how light it was. When I mean light I mean that we learned a life lesson in a very gentle way. I would describe it as a women deep and fast therapy. Lol ! It has helped me so much!!” Coaching client who has two small children

Andrea is an awesome coach. Her transparency and meekness are so easy to relate to. She brought awareness to freedom killers in my life that I now understand I can control. I am so thankful that I was able to go through this coaching session. These lessons will not only benefit me but all those in my life as I show up more aware. I can’t wait to read her book on the subject!”

Coaching Client

Texas, USA